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7-18-11 - Five days before the crime in part V of Report


5-23-11 Improv after Chiness Computer attack

5-16-11 The REAL DEAL against US

3-28-11 'Justice' Dept and ATF Treason at the border. U.S. Air support FOR Al qaeda in Libya.

3-21-11 Al Qaeda and Obama on the same side now, Libya.

3-14-11 Japan Nuclear Meltdown - RETRACTION There has been no measureable increase in background radiation since the incident. Related info in this week's show was not accurate, and passed on by and through the Alex Jones radio program. RadiationNetwork.com

3-7-11 Charlie Sheen not up to MSM/Hollywood's high moral standards

2-28-11 NWO Opium business

2-21-11 Degrading the American Citizen and Congress

2-14-11 MSM - What is 'Newsworthy'?

2-7-11 Eugenics Alert

1-31-11 Toning UP my 'rhetoric'

1-10-11 Arizona shooting IS a FALSE FLAG

1-3-11 Mind control - Impending Invasion and Trojan Horse

12-27-10 U.S. / Chiness Military breakdown

12-20-10 Christmas message for the enemy

12-13-10 War on Terror protection racket

12-06-10 Above the Law

11-29-10 What side are you on? - Sheriff Murdered - Please listen

11-22-10 Television, Human programing machine.

12-13-10 War on Terror protection racket

12-06-10 Above the Law

11-29-10 What side are you on? - Chinese problem - Massachusetts Mafia

11-22-10 Television, Human programing machine.

11-15-10 U.S.A. Destroyed by Design - De-industrialization/Re-industrialization

11-08-10 Rhode Island Mafia-run elections - Bob Healey - Big Mouth Chris Young
         Hacking Democracy (video)

11-01-10 Enemies and Defenders of the Constitution (candidates)- Obamacare reality

10-25-10 Criminal President is in town - Who is BHO? - Leading lemings off a cliff

10-18-10 Vaccine Causes Sterility, Avatar - human programing machine, Criminal President Obama
         Bill Gates admiting vaccines are used to sterilize people (video)

10-04-10 U.S. Military personel being murdered by gang members / Global Army emerging, taking over

9-27-10 MSM is bad

9-20-10 Tea Party truth, invasion by treason / imigration, Art of War / Chinese threat

9-13-10 Bob Healey, constitution, election fraud
         Hacking Democracy (video)

9-8-10 Example of MSM slanderous attack

8-30-10 Know Your Enemy, Communist Rules for revolution (reveiwed and analyzed).

8-23-10 Generated Mosque Controversy based on false premise.
         Blue Print for Truth video

8-16-10 Replacement Population / New World Order Police

8-09-10 Bob Healey - lt gov, constitution

8-02-10 Not yet available - TD

7-26-10 Rhode Island Gubanatorial Candidates and other news

7-19-10 Systemic Child sexual abuse in state care and other news

7-12-10 Foreign Military invasion of the United States

7-11-10 Foreign Military invasion of the United States

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